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  @mjthemusical   has announced where and when it is coming to Broadway. It will be in the Neil Simon Theatre and opening night has been set for August 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm with previews starting July 6. Tickets go on sale January 15, 2020. www.MJTheMusical.com


Michael Jackson

It’s   #MichaelJacksonSeason  ! Dance with the ghouls in Vegas.   #MJONE  


Michael Jackson

On this date in 1996, Michael performed for the first time as a solo artist on the African continent when he entertained 60,000 fans at El Menzah Stadium in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. He then announced that proceeds from the concert would benefit the National Solidarity Fund, a Tunisian charity fighting poverty.   #MJHumanitarian  


Michael Jackson

Check out Michael Jackson’s This Is It box set, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the highest grossing music documentary worldwide — link in bio.


Michael Jackson

Fan Jessica L. from Brazil shared this beautiful hand-drawn recreation of Michael’s dangerous cover! Amazing work, Jessica!


Michael Jackson

“‘Magic’ is Michael’s word. That’s what his music was about.” – Prince on Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson

Containing an unprecedented run of chart toppers, Michael Jackson’s album BAD hit   #1   on the US album charts on this day in 1987.   #King     #MJForever  


Michael Jackson

It’s the anniversary of the release of “P.Y.T.”! The 6th single from Thriller was unleashed on September 19, 1983.


Michael Jackson

The love for Michael in France can be seen in this mural in Paris. Have you seen it in person?   #MJInspires     #MJForever     #StreetArt  


Michael Jackson

“The third idea we came up with for Disneyland was to create something with Michael Jackson, who appealed to teenagers, but also to young kids, and even their parents. Jackson was a huge fan of our parks, sometimes visiting several times a month, in and out of disguise. Our notion was to put him in an extended 3D music video. George Lucas happened to be one of Jackson’s heroes, and provided another lure. Ultimately, Lucas decided to produce the video and recruited Francis Ford Coppola to direct.”– Michael Eisner on the genesis of Captain EO, which debuted at Epcot Center, September 12, 1986 and was lauded with a celebrity-studded premiere a week later at Disneyland.


Michael Jackson

“The most famous man in the world had come back to see the city he loved. And it loved him in return.” – The Liverpool Echo on Michael’s September 11, 1988 performance at Aintree which closed out the European leg of his BAD tour. Over 125,000 Liverpudlians attended the show – the largest concert ever in the city at the time.   #MJForever  


Michael Jackson

"The greatest of all time, highest I think maybe for overall celebrities, but most philanthropic musician is Michael Joseph Jackson. I think he donated over $600 million to charities and more afterwards. Obviously in his music it was extremely provocative, gets the people going. The only person I can really think of off the top when I think of charity that's a musician is Michael Jackson. That's how I've always thought about it cause most of the people that I grew up listening to were hip-hop artists and I don't really remember there being a lot of...Ye gave back to the people, but it was in a very different way. It was always through his music. I can't really think of anybody else." – Chance the Rapper on Michael Jackson   #MJHumanitarian     #MJForever     #HonorMJ  


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