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Favourite? Seeing as my paint job failed under fuel spill, I might get   @imagedesigncustom   to do a proper job...   #canofworms   😂 . .   #xr500     #streetscrambler     #honda     #hondaxr     #scrambler     #dirtbikes     #dirtbike  


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A young and super talented designer/builder I know is building such an amazing bike for Indian, he won a competition but has invested countless hours into what is going to be an amazing build! I’m so excited to see the end results and if you ask me who won the competition... it’s   @indianmotorcycle   follow   @luuc_muis_creations   🙌🙌 . .   #indianmotorcycles     #indianmotorcycles     #indianftr1200     #indianftr1200     #indianftr750  


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Laid back or savage? That’s top or bottom if it’s not obvious.   @motomike718   .   #yamaha     #yamahar6     #yamahacaferacer  


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What would you do with a 2013   #R6   ?   @motomike718   generously donated to my   @gentlemansride   to help him visualise a plan... I sketched out the basics but the colours are all his spec, and I really like it! 💪 .   #yamaha     #yamahar6     #yamahacaferacer  


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Camera on the new iPhone. 💪 . .   #ducati     #ducati749     #749     #ducati999   #  #999     #ducaticaferacer     #caferacer  


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CX-E 😉


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  @alilat16   giving me some top tips... “You go when the lights eventually turn green, If everyone else races off when the reds go out, don’t worry they’ll be disqualified!” And some flag explanation like “black flag means you’re doing really well, keep going!” And apparently yellow means “the surface is now super grippy, pin it!” 😂😂 great shot by   @deeatethree   🙌🙌 . .   #bikeshedfestival     @bikeshedmc     #ducati749     #749     #hedonworkshop  


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The gazelle did me proud this weekend   @bikeshedmc     #bikeshedfestival   thanks   @badandbold   for the shot. 👊 . .   #xr500     #honda     #hondaxr500     #streetscrambler     #scrambler     #dirtbike  


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Every time I load my bike in the van, this is what I’m thinking 😂 anyone else remember   #battleoftheplanet   you’re all too young! This series got me drawing.


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Epic couple of days   @bikeshed     #bikeshedfestival   Thanks to my buddy   @donormotorcycles   for the footage of the warm up as I stuffed up the final. I came in late to qualifying and that placed me 6th on the rapid grid, but accidentally popped a big wheelie, backed off the throttle and lost about 5 places😂 made up a few places while suffering massive brake fade and then two rider offs (one BSB rider) left the race under a yellow flag until the very end with one of the bikes weirdly left in the middle of the circuit for the duration. 🤔 ... is that enough excuses for finishing 7th 😂 .   @hedonworkshop     #ducati749     #ducati     #hedonheroine     #hedoneheroinetwoface  


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Finally getting the concept of dropping my hand from my head to the clutch before trying to engage a gear! 😂 honoured to finally meet the boys behind the   #mallemile   and the brand   @mallelondon   🙌🙌 . .   @rebelsalliance     #bikeshedfestival     @bikeshedmc   thanks to   @donormotorcycles   for the film .   #xr500     @lectronfuelsystems     #lectronfuelsystems  


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Concept thoughts on the CX . .   #cx500     #honda  


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